My first page on the WWW will be a tribute to the people,
places, tales and legends of my home-sweet-home, New Brunswick
So lets get started with the dreaded:


You may not recognize them in the day.  In fact, you may not
recognize them at all, unless your a little bou who is walking
home with a few friends, through a long stretch of woods, late 
at night.  Just before you head out, a motley crew of old
sitting men, tell you and your friends to, "Watch out for those
Tree Squeaks!".  And yes, as you walk home through that usually
friendly stretch of wood, as the wind blows, you do hear those
Squeaks in the trees!  And you all take off running like bats
out of...a cave; with pictures of all kinds of beasties and
ghoulies dancing through your heads.  Some still say that when
the wind blows over the dark, endless woods of New Brunswick,
thay you can still hear these Tree Squeaks!
                                 -as told by my Grandfather
                                  who had never run so fast
                                  in his life.


The highest tides in the world are in the Bay of Fundy.  As water
reacts with the magnetic pulls of the sun and moon, tides are made.
In 1869 the earth orbited into an unusual position and caused this
magnetic action to quicken.  Fundy's tides went crazy...In Moncton,
the Peticodiac River rose until it was ten feet higher that local
wharves and the tides in the Bay of Fundy rose fifty seven and a 
half feet above its usual summer low during a strange hurricane,
the worst ever for the Maritimes, called the Great Saxby Gale.


In 1836 the legislature was pretty much the same as it is today,
their would be heated debates between the politicians.  In fact,
one day in Fredericton, the Honourable Member for Westmorland and
the Honourable Member for Queens, had a debate so heated that
they decided to have a pistol duel to resolve it.  On a quiet spot
on the outskirts of Fredericton. The duellers exchanged shots
twice in the prescribed manner.  Yet neither had been hit.
Wisely, the second declared the honour of both men vindicated; 
and they returned to their homes with both honour and bodies

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